Some thoughts on love…

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God's love for us is unconditional and it is our job as Christians to show God's love to others. It's not always easy!

Here are some thoughts on love from the Irish Jesuit prayer site SacredSpace

Until I dive right into a situation, I will never understand how to love the people who live there. I am still taking baby and adolescent steps when it comes to loving people well. But here are a few things I’ve learned when I have dared to enter love’s details.

Love listens to the same story again and again and again when old age or illness has damaged a person’s short-term memory.

Love looks past a house that needs cleaning to the person who just needs to talk.

Love listens more than talks.

Love offers presence more than advice.

Love can be tough and feisty when necessary.

Love has to just sit down and cry sometimes.

Love never underestimates the value of a surprise treat, such as an outing or homemade brownies.

Love holds the crippled hand, embraces the diseased body, kisses the forgotten cheek.

We can make love really complicated by standing back and theorizing about what it means and does. Yes, love can require more than we think we can afford at times. But mostly we love one conversation at a time, one small act at a time. When we understand that, it’s much easier to stop thinking so much and simply start loving.

By Vinita Hampton Wright, on her blog, Days of Deepening Friendship

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