Pastoral care of the sick and vulnerable is at the heart of our Christian vocation and those who are sick are encouraged to approach the church to receive the sacraments, to ask for prayers and to receive support.

Many elderly and housebound parishioners receive regular visits from the clergy and lay ministers to bring them Holy Communion. If you or someone you know is housebound and cannot attend Mass regularly please contact Fr Andrew Kingham to make arrangements. Click here for his contact details

If you are about to be admitted to hospital, please approach Fr Andrew before you are admitted so that he may celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick with you. Remember that the sacrament of the Sick is not only for those in danger of death - it is available to all who are ill, to strengthen them.

If you or someone you know is an in-patient in hospital there will be no way of a visiting priest finding you unless you fill in a declaration asking hospital staff to tell the priest.
If you don't give the hospital staff this declaration they will not be allowed to tell the priest you are there.
Declaration forms are available to download by clicking the links below. The forms should be filled in and given to the hospital staff caring for you when you are admitted.
Patients Religious Declaration-English
Patients Religious Declaration-Polish

Please also let Fr Andrew know of anyone in hospital who would like him to visit. Click here for his contact details