Oblates of Mary Immaculate

For ten years the Oblates of Mary Immaculate had supervised the construction of the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, established a mission where none had previously existed, and where care of the community was a fundamental concern.


From 1862, the Jesuits continued the construction of the church, and the great honour of opening the Church of Our Lady and Saint Andrew fell to this Order. They engaged excellent craftsmen to complete the ulterior work of decoration and sculpture. These artists copied and adapted many of the designs of the late renowned architect, Pugin, They worked on the High Altar, thesculptures and floor tiling, which replaced the matting, and produced wooden benches for seating.
There is a story that, before his death, Robert Hope-Scott travelled to Rome to persuade the Superior General of the Society of Jesus to allow the Jesuit Fathers to remain permanently in Galashiels. His plea, however, was not granted, for the Jesuit Fathers were recalled to city missions in 1902, after forty years of ministry. Their time in Galashiels ended with the installation of the present organ, bought and installed by the Carnegie Trust. Diocesan priestswere now appointed to assume responsibility for the Roman Catholic community.