The Church of Jesus Christ, wherever she is and in whatever form she manifests herself is always a gathering of people. The Catholic Church is not a gathering of people from one place, or class or colour. Even here in the Scottish Borders our community draws from at least fourteen different countries, representing fourteen different cultural and ethnic experiences who find their common human identity in Christ.


In fact we believe that Jesus Christ was sent to call men and women into a new relationship with God His Father and that through His life, death and resurrection He makes that relationship possible for those who trust Him and who lovingly place their lives into His hands. Seeking this union with God provokes in the seeker a longing for peace and reconciliation between peoples and nations, between ourselves and our neighbour. A genuine love for God is best expressed in our love for other people.

At the heart of Catholic life and worship stands a search for this union, so each Sunday we celebrate the Divine invitation to union through the sacrificial meal we call the Mass. The Mass leads us by Word, symbol and Divine action into Communion with Jesus, who is, Christians believe, our at-one-ment, our unifier with God.

Jesus himself, knowing the fallibility of His disciples prayed that all who would follow Him should be one. It is that which we seek, celebrate, proclaim and live as best we can here in the Scottish Borders. Drawn from the four corners of the earth we are the Parish of Our Lady & St Andrew.

We invite you to explore this website which gives an insight into our community and assure you of a warm welcome should you choose to join with us in our worship or other activities within the parish.